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In November 1918, just after the Great War, the Freeman brothers decided that the time was right to open their long dreamt of shop to sell Men's Attire on Yonge Street in Toronto. The lovingly cared for stock included fine men's clothing for every occasion, including Full Dress Suits (White Tie and Tails) for evening galas and Cutaways (Morning Suits) for daytime formal events. Not long after the grand opening, a gentleman in need of tails walked in, only to find the price to buy, though reasonable, was a bit steep in view of the fact that he intended to wear the outfit but once.

After some friendly conversation, the customer whose name is lost to the mists of time, had an idea which he proposed to Messrs. Freeman, one they enthusiastically embraced ...

"What if I pay a dollar" he suggested "but take the suit for just one day?"
"You mean you would like to buy the suit, but for one day?" responded the proprietors, and accepted his offer to return the suit the day after the great event he was to attend.


And now, almost 100 years after that first Freeman Formal Rental, Freeman Formalwear continues to provide fine clothing by the finest makers, for occasions great or small, not only from the original shop at Yonge and Wellesley but from fine stores right across Canada.

When you rent a Freeman Formal you still buy a suit for a day, tailored to fit like your very own and you still get all the care and attention you could ask for from a company that has never forgotten that it was invented by their customers.

Freeman Concierge

Whether you are choosing your own outfit or trying to coordinate a large wedding party, prom or convention, we can save you time and stress with our concierge service available to every Freeman customer across Canada. We will answer your questions, give advice, and even track your order to ensure that all members of your group have the right style, the right colour, the right fit.

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